Invented pills of female fidelity

Scientists from the Scientific Institute of Florence in the course of research have invented a drug that can help men control the sexual behavior of their wives and girlfriends.

The essence of the unique development is a special hormonal correction. Since according to the available data, one of the main causes of divorce is adultery of women, which from a medical point of view is due to a malfunction of the nervous and endocrine systems, the drug is able to normalize this component of the physiological state of the female body.

Tablets received the characteristic name - "Female fidelity", i.e. female loyalty. According to scientists, the drug can not only stabilize the hormones of women, but also increase their sexual desire for their partners. According to the available data, testosterone is included in the tablets, as well as a small number of neurostimulators.

According to scientists who evaluate the facts of betrayal from an objective point of view, “going to the left” is a necessary way of survival of a species, recorded in the genetic code of each person.

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