Star secrets of the perfect figure

Sarah Jessica Parker's flat belly

All of us were delighted with the flat belly of actress Sarah Jessica Parker. What is the secret of such a seductive figure, you ask? Of course, in regular training.

The word "training" strains anyone, often forcing to abandon the intended weight loss. However, not everything is so difficult. Often, simple static exercises, often performed with due responsibility, can bring the abdominal muscles into perfect shape.

Regardless of where Sarah Jessica is: on the set or on vacation, she performs the exercise necessary for her press every 20 minutes: lying on her stomach, she rises, leaning on her elbows and toes, and stays in that position for 60 seconds by pulling in the belly and straightening the back.

What is the secret of such exercises?

The effect is based on a fairly long fixed (static) load on the muscles, in which the metabolic rate increases significantly. All this makes the work deep muscles, in everyday life a little involved.

Tips from Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Regular exercise with support for even breathing. In order to enhance the effect, you can strain the buttocks and keep the stomach deeply drawn in during the whole exercise. Of course, this exercise for beginners is extremely difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to start with a small load of 15 seconds, gradually increasing the time to 2 minutes.
  • Not bad to add to this exercise stretching. Its essence is as follows: lying on your back, put your legs together, and raise your arms up above your head, locking in this way for a while. Stretching your arms up and your legs down, you must breathe deeply and slowly. The exercise should be given 30 seconds. After relaxation, you need to repeat it 3-5 more times.

Exercises for a beautiful chest from Jessica Alba

The owner of a magnificent breast Jessica Alba is engaged in maintaining her figure in tone, while on vacation. And uses for this ... magazines and books, which takes in the hotel (at home, she uses two-kilogram dumbbells).

On the beach or in a hotel, Jessica is lying on her back, takes a stack of magazines or books with both hands and lifts them above her head, taking her hands behind him. In this position is recommended to be no more than 15-30 seconds. The effectiveness of this exercise is quite high.

How does this work?

The more developed the numerous muscles of the female breast, the greater the likelihood that you will reach her ideal state.

Constant training of muscles contributes to the formation of the so-called natural bra.

Jessica Alba Tips:

  • When performing exercises, do not tear the lower back from the floor. Bend your legs at the knees.
  • Standing straight, legs slightly apart, hands with any heavy objects (dumbbells, books, etc.) should be kept at the sides. Then you need to raise your arms above your head and cross them. Returning to the starting position, the exercise must be repeated several times, crossing into hands with dumbbells in front of the chest up to twenty times.
  • Standing straight, you need to slightly arrange your hands with dumbbells on the sides.

Seductive buttocks of Eva Longoria

It must be said that Eva quite imperceptibly carries out training to strengthen the muscles of the hips and buttocks. Sitting on the beach, she strongly strains her buttocks and tries to “walk” on them due to alternate muscle contraction. Reaching in this way to the edge of the towel, in the same way it comes back.

How does this work?

Moving in this way, Eva performs contraction of the gluteal muscles, due to which their tone increases and the muscles of the thighs strengthen. In addition, according to experts, such exercises are a great way to get rid of cellulite.

Useful tips from Eva Longoria:

  • This exercise can be made even more effective if you raise your legs. In addition, lying on your stomach on the beach, you can raise your legs and cross them, holding these "scissors" for a few minutes.
  • It is necessary to strain the muscles of the buttocks more often (in line, in the bathroom, in front of the computer, etc.). Such exercises will help make the muscles of the thighs and buttocks elastic and beautiful.

Monica Cruz's gorgeous legs

Spanish actress Monica Cruz is the owner of extremely beautiful legs, causing widespread admiration. How did she achieve a similar result? As it turned out, Monica’s main assistant is ordinary water, in which she practices daily to enter mid-thighs. Agree that this is a fairly simple and even a pleasant way to train your legs.

How does this work?

This simple “exercise” has a double effect. On the one hand, the sand on the seabed activates the muscles of the legs, since overcoming the resistance of the rolling bottom, a sufficiently large number of calories are burned. On the other hand, there is a massage with sea water, activating the blood circulation, creating a drainage of subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Useful advice from Monica Cruz:

  • Due to the possible absence of the sea, it is quite possible to do this exercise in a river with a sandy bottom. Half an hour of walking on the sand is an excellent anti-cellulite remedy. In addition, you will massage the feet, which, when doing the exercise, "sinks" in the sand.

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