Scientists called plants that help in the fight against aging

A person is born with a billion cells in the body, which in the process of life, gradually die off and as a result, by the age of 70, there are no more than 100,000 left.

It is no secret that many plants are able to suspend aging, helping the human body to maintain excellent health, thereby increasing its life expectancy.

We give some examples of such plants.

  • Morinda limonolistnaya - fruit, which contains more than 140 useful vitamins and minerals, the attack of enzymes and amino acids. According to the well-known biochemist Heinic, moride contains 800 times more useful enzymes than pineapple. In addition, morinda can increase the body's natural defenses.
  • Juice of freshly picked shoots of barley It is a natural complex of nutrients. It includes 60 minerals, microelements and vitamins, 80 enzymes, various amino acids, among which eight are essential. In addition, the juice of barley sprouts is an excellent source of antioxidants that slow down cell aging, improves metabolism, has deodorizing properties, and also improves the functioning of internal organs.
  • Fermented papaya It became widely known after the discoverer of the immunodeficiency virus Professor Luc Montagnier offered it to Pope John Paul II, who is known to have Parkinson's disease. Papaya slows aging due to its immuno-strengthening properties. Professor Montagnier highly appreciates the role of antioxidants in the aging process of the body. It is fermented papaya that is able to activate the production of antioxidants by the body itself.

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