PMS in women, problems in men

Today, probably, one cannot find such a person in the world who would not have heard of PMS - premenstrual syndrome. Usually the symptoms of this unpleasant phenomenon, both for women and for their pious, appear a week or two before the onset of menstruation. Scientists have counted as many as 150 symptoms. But a woman, as a rule, feels several distinct physical and mental symptoms from such a large number of symptoms: pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, headache and dizziness, nausea, pain in the mammary glands, aggressiveness, tearfulness, irritability, frequent mood swings, depressive condition, anxiety.

It is known that not only the woman herself suffers from PMS, but also those around her, as the woman’s behavior, mood changes, and she can easily lose her temper and do something silly. How can she maintain calm and harmonious relations with people around her and her beloved man in this difficult period? There are some useful tips, both for women and for their beloved, who fall under the hot hand.

Women in any case these days should not perform any physical activity, it is better to drink vitamin tea with herbs, lie down and rest. Dark or bitter chocolate, pleasant music, a favorite movie will help raise your spirits. If an aggressive, irritable state takes over, then you can drink valerian, or take light soothing pills. The main thing is not to think about anything bad. If the girl is a shopaholic, then you can go to the store and pamper yourself with some nice little thing. In short, in the days of the ICP, more attention should be paid to those matters that bring positive emotions.

Now advice to men. For some reason, many of them try to have less contact with dissatisfied friends these days, and this is wrong. After all, on such days, women need special attention, care, love and caress. A pleasant massage, breakfast in bed, a declaration of love, a bouquet of flowers - all this will undoubtedly make a woman happier and kinder. And then men do not have to listen to endless discontent in his address. And if a conflict happens for any reason, then a man must find the strength, the courage and understand his beloved. After all, it is not she who is so all harmful and irritable, it’s just Mother Nature's intention, and hormones are “naughty”. A woman, in fact, a beautiful and gentle creation!

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