How many blankets you need for happiness, or Why did he leave ... on another bed

In films, all couples sleep the same. Although no, the diversity is still observed: while in the first episode Adele put Pierre’s head on her shoulder, then in two hundred and first he would embrace her touchingly from behind. In this case, the heroine manages to be beautiful in appearance - and styling, and makeup look bright and fresh, no to you divorces and disheveled hair. But it is, by the way. The main topic of the article is about why in real life a man throws you to the mercy of fate and goes to snore on another bed, or even in another room.

Fell out of love? Here is a scoundrel!

This is the idea that a lady awakens alone. And at the same time, the whole life is sweeping before our eyes - the first date, the first kiss, the first smashed broken plate, the first trip to the left, and finally the divorce. Well, or just parting, tragic and forever ... But do not rush to conclusions. Ask your loved one, maybe it's just more comfortable for him to master the sleeping space alone, and not play all the night in pulling a blanket? If it is recognized that this is the case, take an oath from him to bravely endure the cold at night. In return, promise to fully warm it in the morning - but do not forget that you have to keep your word. Otherwise - run away again.

Typical Spy Snoring

Remember this "hgrrrrrrrrr"? Although such "sleepy symphonies" are considered the prerogative of men and French bulldogs, some diseases of the nasopharynx make beautiful ladies an unbearable source of a similar sound. So what should be tested - maybe it is snoring that prevents your man from getting enough sleep before the next weekdays?

My! Personal!

Most often they talk about property, but at the moment we will mean private space. There are people who don’t feed them with sweets, but let them cuddle / kiss, and if you are one of them, it’s not surprising that your man, belonging to the opposite category, is trying to avoid unnecessary contact. Nothing can be done about it. You will have to change either a person (which is not recommended), or a bed for a larger one, where there is enough space for each of the partners.

In general, the main thing is to wake up in your arms, and not to sleep. So, is it so important, together or apart you will spend the night, if in the morning the one who gets up first glances over to visit you under a blanket?

Text: Matryona Barabanova

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