Perfume houses and their founders

How many different brands of perfume do we know? Dozens, maybe hundreds. But for some reason we were not cared enough by those people who founded this or that perfume house, releasing perfumes that we and our friends use. In this article we will talk about a few, perhaps unknown to most, the founders of perfume houses. So.

Emily Boughe - the founder of the perfume brand "Brecourt", was born in an aristocratic family, not far from Grass, which became the "perfume" capital of the world. Back in the nineteenth century, her grandmother and grandfather owned the Bruno Court perfume house. Then, with great success, they supplied all royal families of Europe with exquisite fragrances. That is why, who grew up among the vintage bottles and original smells, the girl made a choice in favor of the International Institute of Perfumery, cosmetics, aromatic substances.

After that, Emily worked for Charabot for 10 years to gain experience. But in 2010, Emily was able to open her own perfume house. To date, the brand includes 11 flavors. To facilitate the choice of the girl offered to people a program that determines the olfactory type of person. There are 7 women's fragrances, and 4 men's fragrances. When asked by Emily Bougé, why she did, she said that women prefer to change, play and try more. That is why more fragrances have been created for them. "I do not consider myself to be an experimental perfume, I want my smells to be clear and beautiful, so that they can be easily and everyday worn."

Clara Molloy - the founder of the perfume house "Memo". She created it in 2007, when she was inspired with an unprecedented power by her travels, the memories of which were the start for opening her own perfume line. The first perfume boutique was opened in Paris. In her activity, Clara follows the classical production technologies, creating a perfume from high-quality and natural ingredients. The name of the perfume house - "Memo" comes from the concepts of "memory, memories." The opportunity to revive the past has become the key concept of the House of Perfumery. Clara gave the created fragrances the names of the places she visited - Lalibela, Siwa, Inle, Sundance. The creative process of creating perfumes was largely influenced by Clara Moll's favorite hobby - poetry.

Specific sex belonging aromas "Memo" do not have. Clara believes that the nature of a flavor is not related to the character of a person or his gender. The choice is influenced by a larger number of factors. "The choice of smell is a very intimate thing. Having selected a specific flavor, we choose a specific path, allow ourselves to be languid or tender. This choice applies to both men and women."

Another creator of the perfume house - Maria Borisova. She founded Russia's first brand "niche" perfume. As a rule, inspiration comes to Mary while traveling and traveling. She especially loves Berlin, and believes that he has his own, unique flavor. The composition of the fragrance 10-15 components, which, combined in one smell, individually reveal on the skin and "play" on its owner. Perfumery is a hobby of the founder of the perfume Selection Excellence.

"It is not necessary to become a chemist by training in order to learn how to mix perfume oils. Any composition can be created in words, having only a sense of taste and considerable experience."

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