Named the most dangerous fruit for man

Scientists in the study presented a list of the most dangerous fruits and vegetables, which accumulate substances that can cause various serious diseases.

Unlike in a number of countries where agricultural products are carefully checked for the presence of pesticides, in Russia superficial attention is paid to this, checking agricultural products only for the presence of four types of them (for comparison: in the USA - more than a hundred).

According to scientists, most pesticides are generally inaccessible to compatriots, so checking vegetables and fruits for their presence does not make much sense.

However, no one has canceled the risk of possible bacteriological contamination of the crop. Due to the active use of manure in agricultural practice, vegetables and fruits often become the cause of hepatitis A disease and the appearance of worms. Strawberries are especially dangerous, growing close to the ground and whose berries have small depressions, where various harmful substances can easily come across. Also considered the most dangerous apples, pears, cherries and cherries.

To prevent infection, scientists recommend washing fruits and vegetables with hot water.

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