Fatal women of the 20th century

They are charismatic and confident, intelligent and insanely sexy. They know what they want and do not depend on anyone. They were always there, and poems were devoted and cursed at all times, because of them wars flared up and cities were built in their honor. They are true queens, Women with a capital letter, fatal women. And though they do not always look like models on the cover, they do not have an ideal figure and are somewhat different from the accepted ideals of beauty. Their secret is incredible energy, the ability to drive men crazy with one look and with the same look to spread hatred in the hearts of other women.

Mata Hari

The main talent of this seemingly ordinary girl with a completely ordinary name of Margaret Gertrude Zelle, was the ability to beautifully naked in public. Perfectly mastering the techniques of Oriental dance, she was the first in Europe to decide to undress on the stage, and made it so that all of Paris fell at her feet. Among the admirers of the beautiful "Sun Woman" are the Italian composer Puccini and the French composer Jules Massenet, many European military and politicians. In the metropolitan newspapers, after her triumph, notes appear that even standing still, this woman bewitches the viewer. It’s impossible to describe what happens during her dance.

During World War I, Mata Hari is accused of double espionage and sentenced to death. But what was it - riding acting or the result of the moral fall of the Mats? Even after death (which she met with incredibly steadfastness and courage), this dancer remained a mystery to the whole world. And to solve it ever we will hardly succeed.

Marlene Dietrich

This luxurious blonde without the embellishment can be called one of the symbols of the XX century. The list of men offering her hand and heart can be continued very, very long. But who really loved Marlene? According to the actress, her husband, producer Rudolf Sieber became her love at second sight. Marital happiness Dietrich and Sieber lasted five years, just as the couple lived together.

For the sake of actor Jean Gabin, Marlene Dietrich learned how to cook French food and considered him an "ideal man." Posters with images of Jean, according to rumors, hung in Marlene’s room until her death.

The next love of "Blue Angel" was the writer Erich-Maria Remarque. Their relationship was long, but painful for both. Remarque implores Marlene to divorce her husband and become his wife, the actress does not dare say "yes." More details about this beautiful and sad story can be found by reading one of the greatest works of the author - "The Triumphal Arch". Read between the lines: Joan - Marlene, Ravik - Remarque.

Interestingly, being in a relationship with Remarque, Dietrich corresponded with another well-known writer - Ernest Hemingway. “It’s impossible to love you more than I love you,” Marlene wrote in one of her letters. There were, perhaps, more than enough reasons to be jealous of her colleague at Remark: according to one of the versions, it was she, the great and fatal, who first read Hemingway's manuscripts.

Marilyn Monroe

The standard of feminine beauty, always blooming and smiling, in her personal life she was deeply unhappy. It is difficult to say that this is the evil fate or the fate of all fatal women. The actress herself was sure that her beauty was to blame for this, because of which men do not take her seriously. Nor was John Kennedy, whom great Marilyn dreamed of getting married, could take her seriously. Walk hand in hand with your beloved man - this desire was not given to be fulfilled. "All my life I belonged only to the viewer. Not because it was great, but because no one else needed me," Monroe once confesses. She has three official husbands and more than 50 lovers, including millionaires, film actors, famous photographers, athletes and even the president.

Text: Zemfira Vakhitova

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