Spirits and women who glorified them

Thin, dizzying scent emanating from the woman, will arrange for anyone. This is a wonderful way to attract attention, to become the center of attention and an expert on smells for your girlfriends. How to choose a fragrance that meets your nature, mood and essence?

Here are a few examples that lift the veil of fragrant plume.

The Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn in the mid-50s of the last century became the main model of the Givenchy fashion house, founded by her friend Hubert de Givenchy. There were legends about her style and ability to dress, a place with a fashion designer created a corporate style, and the image of the actress will later serve as a reference for many generations of girls. For now, Audrey is a trendsetter. One day in 1957, Hubert de Givenchy created the perfume L'Interdit (Prohibition) for her, in addition to a new collection of dresses. The actress liked the scent so much that she forbade selling perfume to its creator and for 7 years was the owner of an exclusive smell. Her words addressed to Hubert de Givenchy: "I forbid you to sell this fragrance to you," became law for him. Later aroma began to bind her name. And today, millions of fans of her work, the third actress in the rating of Hollywood celebrities, imitate her style and ability to dress. L'Interdit perfume is preferred to everyone else with a refined, delicate and delicate aroma, causing a sensation of shimmering in the dark, as if the fragrance is playing with facets, causing a slight light sadness and peace.

Another flavor has a visual presentation. This is Live Luxe, which is used by pop diva Jennifer Lopez. Carrying your fragrance is a great luxury. But unlike Audrey Hepburn, J. Law herself began to advertise an amazing and wonderful scent. In the Live Luxe commercial, in glitter and brilliance, the Hollywood star performs a passionate dance in a gold dress that shimmers and glitters, sparkling with jewels. The aroma is transmitted in the dance and sweet notes of juicy delicate fruits, lily of the valley and freesia. Faceted with a veil of musk and vanilla chords, with a touch of sandalwood, it enchants forever those who once, like J. Lo, put a fragrance on that part of the body where they wanted a kiss.

The unforgettable Marilyn Monroe used lifelong Chanel No. 5 exclusively. And today, not imagining how the perfume smells, there is a desire to find out, namely, to find out what kind of trail the beauty No. 1 from Hollywood left behind. Millions of copies of fragrances diverge, which became famous due to the fact that they were favorite flavors of Hollywood or pop stars. Became a trend, bringing huge profits to perfume houses and unattainable for competitors.

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