Best post-holiday diet

Before the end of the New Year holidays another week, and many are already thinking about how to lose an obvious weight gain: after all, so many delicacies were cooked and eaten at the New Year's table. But Christmas is still ahead. So, the most effective are mono-diets - special food systems that require only a few products to be consumed over several days. Kefir, apple, buckwheat and similar diets are extremely useful here.

However, according to nutritionists, such restrictions are simply meaningless, because when the body receives less nutrients (and this happens always when people begin to resort to mono diets), the body's metabolism slows down. That is why when a person decides that he has dropped a sufficient kilogram and refuses a diet, the excess weight is more than returned.

According to nutritionists, the most adequate way to lose weight after the holidays is to move more, not to eat much before bedtime, to drink fermented milk products at night, and not to eat sweets right away, but for several days.

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