Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage: fast, tasty, inexpensive. A selection of the best recipes for diet dumplings with potatoes and cabbage

Dumplings - a traditional dish of Slavic cuisine. You can start the dough in different ways, but dumplings with potatoes and cabbage remain one of the most beloved options for a hearty and tasty dish. It must be served hot, seasoning with onion, sour cream, mushroom or oil filling. Serving options with mayonnaise and ketchup are also rare, but traditional Slavic sauces are good for dumplings with potatoes and cabbage.

5 signs of the zodiac that can substitute and stick a knife in your back

Why do people gossip and slander behind their backs? Why are they capable of betraying and putting footboards? Is there a real reason why they do this, or do they just like to behave dishonestly and even meanly? If you work with such people, is it possible to somehow avoid interacting with them? If they used to be your close friends, is it worth it to permanently exclude them from your life?

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Cream soup - proven recipes. How to properly and tasty cook soup with cream.

Cream soup - general cooking principles Everyone knows that first courses are necessary for proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. If the usual soups, soup and borscht a little bit tired, you can pamper yourself and loved ones with a delicious delicate cream soup. You can cook such a dish all year round, because to make such a soup you need the most ordinary and affordable products.

How to refuse a person and not offend, given his zodiac sign?

Getting rejected is always unpleasant. But denying the service is not easy. Often this entails resentment and discontent. But, knowing the zodiac sign of the opposite side, subsequent conflicts can be minimized. People born under one or another constellation react differently to the refusal to satisfy their request.

So many girls are good, but demand is stable for bad ones ...

Successful, charming, attractive, wise - the imagination logically draws a decent woman next to such a man. Modest, docile. However, contrary to logic, men often prefer a completely different - arrogant, bold and capricious. What is the "bad girls" deserve such attention? Independence She will not panic if she punches a wheel on the road.

Christina Asmus decanting milk between scenes of the play

The actress and the young mother Christina Asmus, by her own example, demonstrates to all working mothers that it is quite possible to combine a favorite business and a favorite child. Having given birth to a child in early January, at the end of the month Christina had already gone to work, to her favorite theater. Yermolova. Of course, many condemned the actress, accusing her of abandoning the child, but Christina decided to ignore all claims.

Pike in the oven: step by step recipes for baked and stewed fish. Proven step-by-step recipes for pike in the oven in whole and in pieces

Few decide to bake pike in the oven, preferring prosaic cutlets. The reason for this is lean, dry meat of fish. Don't know how to cook a pike delicious? We offer two versions of pike in the oven with step-by-step recipes: bake stuffed fish or stew in slices in sour cream. The first option is more time-consuming to perform, but the result is a luxurious dish, traditionally served at the festive table.

6 ideal plants for bonsai (photo)

The art of growing miniature trees does not at all resemble the content of most indoor crops. Bonsai requires a special approach to plants, to the choice of species, watering and top dressing, and even more so to the formation of crowns and pruning. There are hundreds of suitable candidates for bonsai; many of them require moving to fresh air with the arrival of heat.

Frying kebab in a pan - an alternative to cutlets. The secrets of cooking homemade kebab in a pan

Love a variety of ground meat dishes, but tired of the usual meatballs and zrazy? Do you want to diversify the menu, cook something new? We offer you recipes for a delicious kebab in a pan, where the meat is soft and juicy, and the crust is appetizing crispy. Let's get started? Lulia-kebab in a pan - the general principles of Lulia-kebab - a dish of oriental cuisine, and according to the traditional recipe, lamb is used for its preparation.

Gastroenteritis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Gastroenteritis is a disease of the digestive system, which is characterized by inflammation of the intestines with the stomach. This type of disease can be either primary or secondary. By the nature of the inflammation, they are exudative, alternative and, in rarer cases, productive. With the course of gastroenteritis is acute and chronic.